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Free Pattern Friday!! – I Will – The Beatles

This is probably my favorite pattern that I’ve made this year. Aside from cross stitching, I make drawstring bags for sick babies at hospitals, and as such, I think about like what kinds of things would be cute for babies. I Will also happens to be one of my favorite songs, a comfort song inContinue reading “Free Pattern Friday!! – I Will – The Beatles”

Free Pattern Friday!! – Self-Respect

Hi everyone!! Hope you’re all doing well c: This pattern is a little something for both myself and for the people around me, I think. And for you as well, if you also have a hard time standing up for yourself. I can be both an extremely hard headed and stubborn person, as well asContinue reading “Free Pattern Friday!! – Self-Respect”

Free Pattern Friday! – FNAF Security Breach Heads

This is actually the third time I’m writing this post, heh. I’ve been having issues with depression and stuff, so the last month after college ended I’ve literally just been trying to figure out my shit. Instead of been trying to put myself back together, in a sense. Ironically, that fits with these patterns. IfContinue reading “Free Pattern Friday! – FNAF Security Breach Heads”

Free Pattern Friday! – Hanahaki Disease (Sunflower and Morning Glory)

Hanahaki Disease – “…is a fictional disease in which the victim coughs up flower petals when they suffer from one-sided love. It ends when the beloved returns their feelings (romantic love only; strong friendship is not enough), or when the victim dies. It can be cured through surgical removal, but when the infection is removed, theContinue reading “Free Pattern Friday! – Hanahaki Disease (Sunflower and Morning Glory)”

Free Pattern Friday!! – FNAF Security Breach Sun and Moon

You know what I really like?? The daycare attendant from Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach. Their character is so incredibly cool, and I wanted to try something a little bit different in my pattern creation this time. I’m pretty sure that I’m physically incapable of creating something that isn’t intensely cute, or at leastContinue reading “Free Pattern Friday!! – FNAF Security Breach Sun and Moon”

Free Pattern Friday! – Your Worth Never Changes

Before this post officially starts, I wanna say a very special thank you to twolilkits on Etsy, who created the font for this pattern. They have very, very kindly allowed me to use their font in the creation of this pattern, and you can find their store here and the specific font patterns that IContinue reading “Free Pattern Friday! – Your Worth Never Changes”

Halloween 2021 Pattern 1 – Zombie Girl

This pattern went through a weird number of iterations before settling on this final design. It was kind of hard to decide how I wanted to do it, especially since (as you can see from my Paranormal Activity pattern) drawing people is uhhhh, not my style. It’s not something I’m good at, you see, likeContinue reading “Halloween 2021 Pattern 1 – Zombie Girl”

Halloween 2021 Pattern 2 – King Boo and Luigi

I’m always going to be hugely in love with Luigi’s mansion, let’s be real. This one might not be as involved as what I really wanted to do (a whole giant outline of the mansion that would likely be 12 inches by 16 inches but flat), but I think that it’s neat! My pumpkin carvingContinue reading “Halloween 2021 Pattern 2 – King Boo and Luigi”

Halloween 2021 Pattern 3 – Spooky House

You know what I like? Cute ghosts. I mean I don’t really know how to explain what I mean, because I think that there’s a distinct difference between like, ghosts that are scary and like clearly intending to kill you, and then like. Ghosts that are 100%just here to chill. Maybe like the couple fromContinue reading “Halloween 2021 Pattern 3 – Spooky House”

Free Pattern Friday!! – Happiness Finds A Way In

I’ve been a very kind of pessimistic person for a very long time. And I think that only recently, within the last 5 years and with everything going on in the world, that I’ve been trying to make myself be more accepting and open to happiness where it comes. I’ve realized that every day isn’tContinue reading “Free Pattern Friday!! – Happiness Finds A Way In”

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